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Brandy and Emo
Brandy and Emo

Music to rock your soul. New recordings from Brandy and Emo.
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The Corbies
The Corbies

An independent alternative-rock gem, this powerful music stands the test of time. Corby Harper, Jimmie Dalton and Matt Mazza...
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Nikki Lunden Nikki Lunden
Foundation tracks recorded by Nikki Lunden for her new CD...
Corby Harper Corby Harper - Fairfield Underground
A compilation of Corby's self-produced compositions recorded over a span of more than a decade...
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Michael Huskey Michael Huskey
Songs from the soul by Michael...
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Annie Lemley Annie Lemley
A powerful new voice from Montana. Annie's dynamic guitar playing and clear, emotive voice complement her rich songwriting style...
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Bambú Bambú
This band was a local legend, releasing a highly successful independent studio recording. Now you can hear them live -- once again...
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Stormy Heaven Stormy Heaven
This is not your mother's Stormy Heaven. After this band parted with its original singer they brought in the amazing vocal talents of Michelle Morgan...
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Teah Benkoczy Teah
Teah is an striking artist creating music with both a deeply personal feel and with a universal message...
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Salty King Salty King
After the Corbies disbanded, their bass player Jimmie Dalton went on to form his original psycho-surf band...
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The Simpletons
The Simpletons

Corby recorded this album along with John Poole and Matt Mazza in 1991. It is the best self-produced Tascam 4-Track cassette format Portastudio recording ever made...
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Alienative Alienative
Here is Nikki Lunden's first band featuring Emo on bass, and the explosive drumming of Kevin Brickner...
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Acoustic Crush Acoustic Crush
Adam and Emo's garage band. This is where it all started...
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Mark Langbehn Mark Langbehn
Beautiful music, love songs and lullabyes...
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Greatest Hits:

Brandy and Emo:

   Crude Flute

Nikki Lunden:
   Down Here

Dean Freeman:
   Give Me Time

The Corbies:
   Coup d'etat

Fairfield Underground:
   Love Raid
   Life's Kind Anger

The Simpletons:
   Fall In Love With Gin

Annie Lemley:
   Nine Lives
   Super 20's

Stormy Heaven:
   Saturate Your Love
   Edges of Heaven

Acoustic Crush:
   Morbid Fascination
   Sweet Agent Ida

   Black Sun
   Rainbow Conspiracy

   In & Out
   Derelict Daughter

Michael Huskey:
   Rumi's Field
   Just About Time

Mark Langbehn:
   The Lover's Lullabye
   I Need To Know