Corby Harper

Music by Corby Harper ::
Fairfield Underground, The Simpletons, Colorado Project

Fairfield Underground :: Hidden gems from Corby's vault...
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CD Cover - Fairfield Underground

Kevin Brickner, Jaime Poole, and Corben Harper covering a Beatles song circa 1992. 4 track cassette.
Fairfield Underground - Dear Prudence

Very rare: Sandra Knight and Corben Harper. Also 4 track cassette.
Fairfield Underground - Dream Again

The Simpletons :: Corby's band from the early 1990's with Jaime Poole and Matt Mazza
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CD Cover - The Simpletons

"Another one by Lance Morrison (deceased), Jaime Poole (sex changed), and Corben Harper (fatally damaged asshole)."
Simpletons - Damn the Bad Luck

Colorado Project :: Recordings at Emo's house December 2014

"And my very last attempt to pull some music out of my rotting, depressed old ass."
Colorado Project - My Old Hide

Broken Compass - A collaboration by Corby and Emo after the session when My Old Hide was recorded
Colorado Project - Broken Compass

Corby holding the original lyrics to "My Old Hide"

Doing overdubs

In the mountains of Colorado - Emo, Corby and Brandy - 2014





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