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Acoustic Crush
Rockin' in the
Free World
Maserati 185
L-R: Sonny Murray (Sonny Macatulo), Mark Langbehn (Emo), Kevin Brickner, Adam S.
Kevin Brickner
Sonny Macatulo
Sonny Macatulo
Video stills from "The Garin and Naryan Show" FPAC Channel 9
Emo & Sonny
Emo & Sonny
YouTube Video of "Maserati 185"
Kevin Brickner
Kevin Brickner - Drums
Emo doing "A Painting on the Wall" on YouTube
(from ToeKneeStanger.com)
Originally appeared on Palo Alto Public Access TV
Kevin Brickner, Sonny Macatulo, Emo (Mark Langbehn)
Hangin' on the porch...

Kevin Brickner, Sonny Macatulo and Emo

Kevin Brickner
Kevin -- way too cool ...
Emo (Mark Langbehn), Mona, Adam S. (photo by Oleg Vydra)
Before Acoustic Crush was formed, Adam and Emo performed as an acoustic duo.

(Pictured here with Adam's sister, Mona)

Stone Street Studios
Stone Street Studios

Emo's 16-track recording rig from the late 90's. Two Tascam DA-38 recording decks. Tascam DAT and cassette decks. Two 16-channel mixers. Compressors, reverbs, outboard mic-preamps and AKG C414 and C3000 condenser microphones. CDs created on a Macintosh with an AudioMedia II digital interface card, running Sound Designer II.

And of last but not least: our mascot, a little Godzilla figure atop the mixer.

Kevin Brickner

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