Mark Langbehn - Sunday Melts Into Monday - Lyrics

sunday melts into monday

sunday melts into monday
in the middle of the night
just (ah) like we’re doin’ now

she takes her time and turns eyes
she looks at me and then she sighs
god I love the way she smiles

day-time melts into the night
as lovers melt into the light
that shines so brightly
from their eyes

she takes my hand and holds it near
I touch her face and it’s so clear
that what we’re feeling now is love

sunday melts into monday
in the middle of the night
just (ah) like we’re doin’ now

all the stars lullabye

when he closes his eyes
and he lays down to sleep
drifts away with a sigh
on the wings of a sheep

it’s over now
he’s fast alseep

he’ll dream a dream
of a place where
the unicorns run

where the elven-folk live
and there’s aways the sun
shining above, shining above

and so slowly far far away
the stars turn in the sky
they twinkle whispers of love
and with the wink of an eye
it’s morning again
a new day begins

all the stars in the sky
know something we don’t know...

more than a dream

lying awake in the
still of the night
tossing and turning
till the morning light
the vision of you
keeps returning and I

know that it’s
more than a dream
know that it’s
more than a dream

I see you again with
the light in your eyes
far from the crowd
we hear the music rise
we’re dancing together
and I realize that

this is much
more than a dream
this is much
more than a dream

I see you dancing there
the light in your eyes and
the wind in your hair
philosophers argue
but poets declare that

this is much
more than a dream

a painting on the wall

Was a time when I thought
That my life
Was a painting on the wall
Hidden by a veil

I could count on my hand
All the times
That I’d reached out to ask
For someone to hold mine

And my world seemed
A little colder then
But the years heal the pain
Then something changed …

And now I want to know
What you think
About me hangin’ around
All the time, starting now

I could wear you as art
I could paint
Your face upon my heart
Tear away the veil

Where it’s cold feels
a little warmer now
Where it’s warm
feels at peace
And I believe …

I need to know

hey I need to know
how to go your way tonight
deep inside of me
I know the time is right tonight

but I feel so shy sometimes
so I’ll sing a song
I hope you like it

hey I feel the wind
blowing on my face tonight
there’s breeze that’s blowin’ me
back to where you are tonight

winds may come
and winds may go
but breeze that I feel
is blowin’ me away
blowin’ me away

hey I finally found
the words that are right tonight
and I’m gonna sing it out
it’s comin’ from a place inside

and I feel it comin’ on
a song loud and clear
I think I love you
I think I love you

the lover’s lullabye

It’s time to rest your weary eyes love
It’s time to say goodnight for now
And in a whisper I will sing you
A gentle lover’s lullabye

It won’t be too long now
I’ll see you in the morning
And I’ll be the first thing that you see

And you will smile when you awaken
The window’s open, through the trees
I hear a bluebird call
It’s song reveals the morning
Then you wake to find it’s just a dream

A dream that’s worth a thousand pictures
And while you sleep, a thousand dreams

A kiss goodnight, blow out the candle
I’ll whisper sweetly in your ear
And you will know I’ll always love you
I’ve been in love too many years
To ever doubt you now

I’ll be here in morning
When the rays of golden touch your eyes
Until then sleep without a worry
The twinkling stars look from on high

A prayer often said out loud won’t
Compare to one once said inside
This goodnight song is such a promise
I’ll be there in the morning light

It won’t be too long now...

Copyright © 1998 Mark Langbehn, All Rights Reserved.

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