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Michael is a songwriter whose music pours forth in a spontaneous stream, with melodies and rhythms as free as his spirit.


Michael Huskey - Feb. 28, 2021

2021 - September

Who’s Your Friend
Starting Over

2021 - March

Wings of a Dove
Daddy’s Worn Out Bible
Ice Cream Man

2021 - January

Pom Rach Khun
Tell Me Show Me
Tomorrow’s Dreams


It’s All Been Done
Livin’ in a Dream
Thought I Saw You Coming
You Can See


Just About Time
Livin’ in a Dream
Now That You’re Gone
Rumi’s Field

Michael and Jordan Huskey - January 10, 2021
Michael and Jordan Huskey - Jan. 10, 2021

Michael Huskey

Michael Huskey

Michael and Emo
Michael and Emo